Used to Audible, Libby, or Overdrive?

Don't worry — adding and listening to History, Fuck Yeah Audiobooks to your iPhone is easy!

My favorite way to listen to side-loaded audiobooks on iPhone is a free app called BookPlayer. Alternatively, you can use the native iBooks app that’s already installed on your phone. Either way, adding a History, Fuck Yeah audiobook takes LESS THAN ONE MINUTE! 


BookPlayer App

Cost: Free

Time: About 45 seconds

  • Download BookPlayer from the App Store
  • Transfer the .m4b file to your phone (I use AirDrop)
  • It will ask where to send your audiobook—choose BookPlayer. 
  • Done!


Cost: Free (Pre-Installed on iPhone)

Time: About 20 seconds

  • Drag the .m4b audiobook from Finder into iBooks.
  • Connect your iPhone to your Mac and open it in Finder.
  • Go to the “Audiobooks” tab and sync the new book.
  • Done!


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