HISTORY, FUCK YEAH Audiobook Bundle (Copy)


Get all 4 HISTORY, FUCK YEAH stories. Canadian Arctic Wreckspedition & Cross-Country Conquistadors include Audiobook & eBook versions. The Yellow Creek Massacre and Nuking North Carolina include Audiobook versions. The print stories are available for free at historyfyeah.com.

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Canadian Arctic Wreckspedition

The incredible true story of the ill-fated Canadian Arctic Expedition of 1913 and its handful of survivors. First, their repurposed whaling vessel, the Karluk became frozen in the ice. Then the expedition’s leader abandoned ship, leaving the men and women still on board to die. Then sea ice crushed and sank the ship. What followed is a tale of unbelievable human endurance and heroism. The ship’s captain, Robert Bartlett, led the survivors to a rocky island in northern Siberia and embarked on an overland journey of over 700 miles attempting to organize a rescue.

Cross-Country Conquistadors

In 1528, six hundred Spanish conquistadors landed in the Florida panhandle to look for gold and glory. Eight years later, the expedition’s four survivors stumbled out of a desert in Southern Mexico.

The Yellow Creek Massacre

Chief Logan was respected by whites and Indians alike for his pacifism and generosity. So when a renegade group of frontiersmen murdered his entire family, folks were a little upset.

Nuking North Carolina

In January 1961, a B-52 Stratofortress bomber carrying two thermonuclear warheads came apart over a tobacco field in North Carolina. In one of the bombs, the detonation sequence initiated…

The stories are real. The dialogue... not so much.


HISTORY, FUCK YEAH Audiobook Bundle (Copy)


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